Artefact 38

 usb horse usb
usb 2A 16ct kanoptech jar. Partially restored, part of the Myln collection.
The Jar is dedicated to Mneme or Mnemosyne, the god of electric memory. The top of the jar is decorated by a sculpture of the “conductive horse” which seems to be bursting with lightning. The conductive horse comes from the 10ct fable: “the conductive horse strode across the circuit board fields.”
An older custom which is believed to be the origin of flash drives and the important roll the have in today’s society, traditionally when a computer was at the end of it’s life the memories of the machine would be downloaded and stored in several of these kinds of jars.
This tradition dates back to the early followers of Turin. But under the establishment of the Electro church the custom lost it’s importance and was forgotten. During the revival years of 1400 to 1700 this tradition of Kanoptech jars and was revived by different organizations such as “The Turinians”, “Independent developers” and in this case the cult “Mneme Mortem”.
(!) For a demonstration of the jars inner contact museum curators or staff.(!)
title: Kanopteknisk kopp + Den konduktiva hästen som går över kretskortsfälten.
by marcus lindgren, mixed media
(This artefact also features a flashdrive with the complete collection of the exhibiton Substans paintings and GIFs.)



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