Artefact 36

electro priest
This group is a small collection of different electro church themed items.
The hooded character:
an electro church priest from the spanish regions, wearing traditionall full electro hazard robe.  year 1100 (ca). This priest is outfitted with rubber gloves and rubber boots. They wore this partly as an homage to the “electric father”(Turin), but also as protective wear since the priests of the church were primarily charged with maintaining the churches computers.
With him he has the “great cutter”. A symbol of the churches supposed dominion over the computer. At the priests wish a whole computer region could loose its vital electricity.
The wire cutter:
Small Wire cutter, most likely found in the inventory of a low grade electro priest. Dated 1134.
The brass fan:
A corroded brass computer fan, covered in greek letters. Relics like this were very popular during the electro churches golden age. Many of them were said to be from the original turinian computer. However over 368 “genuine” turinian brass fan relics have been found whilst research show that the original computer had one large fan made from lightened iron.
the glitched man:
A depiction of one of the first famous glitches. A game (possibly made by Turin himself, or one of his students) in the possession of the electro church broke during transport. but the warped men and women displayed in the computer was the door to a new way of thinking (read: digital materia)
Title: Div objekt ur den Elektrokyrkliga samlingen
By: Marcus Lindgren & uknown, mixed media

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